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Matthew Williams

As Co-Director of Redbrick Properties, my role is to oversee the running of the company, which I do with a certain amount of delegation, mixed in with a portion of guidance to our capable and committed staff. It would be very easy to just sit back and bark orders, and to be honest this isnít really my thing, so I roll my sleeves up and get stuck in where my skills will allow me to do so effectively.

As Head of Finance, I'm the one who ensures that rent is received on time from our tenants, and forwarded on effectively and efficiently to our landlords. You'll also find me eagerly ensuring that we do not fall behind the times on the social media side of our business, and if you check out our Facebook page, you'll discover I am also behind some of our more questionable posts. I can only apologise.

If our staff need support, I am there; and as I have built this business up from scratch, along with my Co-Director, Mark, there is nothing in this company that I do not know how to deal with, so you will regularly find me signing up tenants, paying contractors, or just making sure we are all constantly supplied with coffee and tea.

Out of the office I am a Dad of three children, and therefore I have little time to myself. So for now time for hobbies and interests is next to none, but when I get the chance you will find me strumming along to the dulcet tones of Thom Yorke, or taking out the odd tank or two on Battlefield.

Mark Phillipson

I've got Leeds Metropolitan University to thank for my arrival, as a fresh faced teenager, eager to commence my degree course in the early 1990s. Prior to this North Shields was where I lived out my childhood with my fantastic parents and my brother Carl.

North Shields is an old fishing port located at the mouth of the Tyne, around 7 miles from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

University Life grounded me for the journey beyond. My first job was in banking which convinced me this was not the career path I wanted, sitting behind a desk all day number crunching!

I wanted a career which was rewarding in the sense that with the correct vision you can formulate your dreams, as long as you have a business plan and a dedicated business partner (Matt).

Over ten years in as Director of Redbrick, I'm as passionate as the first day when we picked up the keys for our first lease, a first floor office above our good friends, Castlehill Estate Agents.

The role of a director of a letting agent has changed drastically over this period. With more importance being put on marketing and various options for company advertising means a knowledge insight in social media is required. This is coupled with being an enthusiastic salesperson, with an astute legal mind set and at times an attentive mediator between landlord and tenant.

Bottom line this evolving business model is what drives me to grow the business, but at the same time looking after number one - the customer.

Outside of Redbrick my passions are playing footie, maybe driven by sheer will rather than skill these days. Also I would say an occasional runner in the sense of one marathon, two half marathon and a few trail races over the years.

I also enjoy listening to music of most genres, jazz being one of the exceptions but that pleasure may come when I'm in my 50s!

Live music especially is something I've gone out of the way to see, from Kraftwerk at Manchester's Velodrome to The Foals at The Faversham, and even Underworld in Moscow! Best venue well has to be the Brudenell Social Club in Hyde Park, Leeds.

Also worth a mention I follow Newcastle United, I'll only mention my highlights to St James Park, 3-2 v Barcelona in The Champions League (1997- Tino hat trick) and a 5-2 victory against Leeds in opening day to the old Division Two (1989- Micky Quinn 4 goals!).

Home life is with my wife Sandra and our son Hector, in a Yorkshire stone property in the ever popular Horsforth area of Leeds, which is ideally set up for families and a gateway to the Dales. My area description sounds like one of Redbrickís property descriptions!

Anyway back to business, Iíve enjoyed scribbling down my "description" on a Northern Line train to Hebden Bridge!

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