Local Market Insights

Did you know the demand for two beds is at an all time high? But that's not the full story...

Our landlord dashboard has a wealth of LIVE marketing insights based on our actual tenants in Leeds, allowing you to make informed decisions about your portfolio.

Local Market Insights

Access our landlord reports based on real tenant data.

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Instantly Calculate Rental Income

Calculate the rental value of your property based on real rents being achieved in the current Leeds market.

Find out the minimum and maximum rent your property is likely to achieve, and average rents for similar properties in the area.

Calculate Your Rent

Based on real rents in today's market.

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Value Your Property

Ready to let your property? Book a valuation with Redbrick Properties.

Hundreds of landlords have trusted us with their properties. With a positive feedback score of 99.49% at the ESTAS 2016 they’ve rated us Leeds' number one letting agent. We have tenants waiting...

Book a Valuation

Book a property valuation with one of our directors.

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