Is 'Bills Included' Rent A Rip-Off?

We are often asked if the rents for our student properties include utility bills, and apart from one or two rare exceptions, the answer is "No".

By encouraging you to organise the utility bills yourselves we could be saving you money. As a student, by including payment of utility bills in your weekly rent, you may be paying for energy when you're not even in the property.

Devil in the Detail

Using the University of Leeds term dates, unless you live in the property full time and do not return home during holidays, you may only be utilising energy for approximately 29 weeks of the 52 weeks of your tenancy, leaving 23 weeks when you may not be in the property, yet still paying for using gas, electric and water.

Some Letting Agents & Landlords charge £15.00 per person per week extra for bills so each tenant is paying £345.00 for energy they may not even using. In a 6 bed property, as a group you could therefore be paying £2070.00 extra!!!

Easier Than You Think

Setting the utility bills up yourselves is a doddle, and only really takes a phone call and a meter reading for each utility. You can also shop around and choose which utility provider to go with, ensuring you receive the best deal for the time you are in the property, plus you will only be paying for energy you are using. We can even talk you through the process step by step when your tenancy begins.

Halfway House

If you still feel setting up the bills yourselves is a hassle, then there are also companies out there who will organise all the bills for you, such as Glide and Split The Bills. Be prepared to pay a little extra on top of a normal rate, but then again these companies are carrying out the administration for you. Not only is this a hassle-free option but you will still be saving money. 

So, do you think including bills in your rent a rip-off or are you happy to pay extra for someone else to organise your bills for you?  Why not get involved in this topic and have your say in the Comments box below.


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