North Leeds Residential Letting Update

Posted by Mark on 30th March 2017

As a landlord you can gain a wealth of knowledge and relevant stats from our Live Market Insights. One of those stats being just how popular the demand for two bed rental properties in Leeds actually is. If you take a look at the 'Searches - By Number Of Bedrooms' graph it is very apparent that the demand for two bed rental properties outstrips that of one and three beds by nearly 100%. Great news for those low risk property investors looking for a 6-7% yield and a constant revenue stream. 

For example, this two bed flat in Hyde Park currently on the market for £102,500.00 is bringing in a rent of £8082.00 pa. After service charges it should still achieve a yield over 7%. Check out the calculation for yourself on our Yield Calculator

Even with a sustained increase in the development of Leeds City Centre apartments over the last ten years or so, not only are rents holding their own but we have seen a positive 'ripple effect' out to the suburbs. 

With a large number of students starting University here every year (65,000 according to Metro), Leeds also continues to achieve a great graduate retention rate which in turn has created an increased demand for rental property in established professional North Leeds areas such as Horsforth and Chapel Allerton. In fact, in the period between 2013 to 2015, 29% of Leeds graduates not originally from Leeds remained in the city for work.

Leeds also attracts graduates from other cities with 1.8% of UK graduates heading to the city for employment. (Source: The Great British Brain Drain- Paul Swinney, Marie Williams- 21/11/2016). After all, Leeds is a thriving metropolis with a growing economy and a train station that serves all of the county's main stations.

In conclusion, this student influx has underpinned the rental market both student and professional here in Leeds and the future looks promising for any existing or future Leeds investors. 

By Mark

Redbrick Properties over the years has been rewarding in the sense that with the correct vision you can formulate your aspirations, as long as you have an on-going business plan and a dedicated business partner Matt.

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