Redbrick Share Local Market Insights

Posted by Matt on 31st August 2016

We have been working really hard behind the scenes here at Redbrick Properties recently, developing useful tools for our landlords, not only to help them on their journey to becoming successful property investors, but also to give them something back for the loyalty they have shown us over the years. 

This week we launched the new Landlord Dashboard featuring interactive charts based on actual market data collected by Redbrick Properties, offering landlords a plethora of live market insights: 

  • View the peak seasonal months for Leeds lettings.
  • Check out average rents in the local area.
  • Decide which number of bedrooms are performing the best.
  • Jump on the hot new areas before they go big.

You don't have to be one of our current landlords to access this data either. For more information and a sample chart, check out our Landlords page which has all the information:

Check Out The Redbrick Landlord Dashboard For Yourself!

By Matt

Redbrick Properties was established back in 2002 and since then has gone from strength to strength building up a fine portfolio of residential properties along the way.

We could never be accused of being a faceless agency as both Mark and I still work front-line in the office along side our experienced and capable staff.