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Redbrick leverage our deep and broad knowledge of the Leeds' property market to improve the yield and earning potential of your property. Our Experience allows us to understand what tenants want from a property, and that means the nips and tucks that you can make that will make a real difference to your achievable rents. 

This service is totally free to our landlords, and many have taken advantage, and continue to take advantage to great effect. 

Put simply our position as Leeds only dedicated letting agent puts us in a unique position to help you get the most from your assets. 

We collate live data accessible on our landlord dashboard. This includes letting enquiries per area, month and many other variables. You can also view the real rents earned by properties right now. Call our direct landlord number or use the message form across. 

  • Discover The Easy Tips And Tricks That Can Make A Big Difference. 
  • Box Clever. Make The Structural Changes That We Know Tenants Want. 
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