During Your Redbrick Tenancy

Picking Up Your Keys

So, it's the first day of your tenancy, the paperwork has all been finalised, your first rent payment has cleared, and you've received confirmation that your deposit has been registered. It's time to come to our office and pick up the keys to your new home! 

The Check-In

This can be a daunting time, and stressful if nothing else, which is why we try and take some of that stress away, by going to the property with you and carrying out an accompanied Check-In.

It is during this Check-In where you will receive your Welcome Pack, full of useful information and tips on how to enjoy a comfortable tenancy at your new home, including topics such as setting up utility accounts, property safety, useful numbers, and vacating your property at the end of your tenancy.

A Conditional Report will also be completed, going from room to room, marking down any areas of damage or disrepair which may need attention. Not only will this ensure any teething problems are attended to quickly, but it also allows a more accurate report at the end of your tenancy, leading to a swifter return of your deposit.

Once the meter readings have been taken, and the Conditional Report has been signed off, it is time for us to leave you to move your belongings in, and enjoy your new home in the manner you deserve. But of course, the relationship by no means ends there.

Enjoying Your Home

If at the end of your tenancy you can say that you have enjoyed your home, then we have succeeded in managing your tenancy efficiently and effectively. But let's not jump to the end of your tenancy so quickly, for to reach this point, there is much that can take place in-between.

Efficient maintenance management is crucial in the day to day running of any tenancy, which is why we have a full time Maintenance Manager to take care of your every maintenance issue. As soon as a problem arises, she will visit your property to assess the issue, and on speaking with your landlord, ensure the best person for the job is organised in the quickest time. Please report any maintenance vai our FixFlo App:


Good financial management is also just as important during your tenancy, and if you are in a position where finances become an issue, and as a result rent payments could be affected, good communication between yourself and our financial department can reduce a lot of the stress that such issues can bring on.

Renewing Your Tenancy

A few months before your fixed term tenancy is due to terminate, we will contact you to ask what your plans are, and whether or not you wish to renew your tenancy. If you have enjoyed your home so much that you want to stay, then we will contact the landlord and negotiate renewal terms on your behalf. Subject to their agreement, we will either let the tenancy move onto a periodic tenancy, or we will draw up a new fixed term tenancy for you to sign.

The Check-Out

If you decide to move out of your home at the end of your tenancy, we will arrange a mutual time to visit you at the property in order to complete a Check-Out. This will take the form of another Conditional Report, similar to that of your Check-In, whereby we will inspect each room and note down any damages or disrepair which may need attention.

Prior to this we will send you a Vacation Letter that will have attached a Cleaning Check-List which we advise you use when carrying out the final clean of your home.

Final utility meter readings will also be noted down which will help in finalising your utility account.

A structured 'Check-Out' along with photos at the end of your tenancy will make up part of your end of tenancy Deposit Return file. Keys will then be handed back to us, which will complete the end of your tenancy.

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