Houses to rent in Leeds, where do you begin?

Flats to rent in Leeds, apartments in Leeds, student accommodation, serviced apartments, North or South Leeds, off-street parking or on-street parking? The list is endless!

Don't worry we can guide you through and make the experience an enjoyable one.

There are many ways to begin the search for your perfect home, and you are already at the best place, our website. By entering the specifics of what you are looking for in a new home, such as the area, number of bedrooms, rental budget, etc., in the search facility, you will be presented with a fine selection of possibilities.

By registering your details and requirements with us, our management software will automatically email you with possible matches, as well as new properties that match your requirements as and when they come onto the market. This is an automated email which you can interact with in order to change your requirements should you wish to.

If you prefer the more personable approach, then please contact us directly, either by email, or by phone, and let us know exactly what you are looking for. We love talking property and more specifically turning prospective tenants into happy tenants, by personally suggesting some great homes to start your search.

Want to take it a step further? Then pop in and see us! We are far from being a faceless agency, as our office is easily accessible, and there will always be a member of staff, or a Director, who will be eager to talk shop. This way you get the reassurance of meeting us face to face, and you’ll even get to see some of the awards we've recently won!

Once we've helped you to pick out some potential options, it gets even better from here on in, as the next stage is to actually go and have a look for your ideal home, accompanied by one of our incredibly knowledgeable negotiators. We'll always be honest and point out the benefits of each property, what to expect from the surrounding areas, as well as what the landlord is like! We have some really great landlords, and only accept the best on our books, as you can live in the most fantastic property in the world, but if your landlord isn’t pulling his weight, you may wish you weren't in there. As soon as you've found a few contenders, it's decision making time. We're not in the business of putting pressure on you, as the decision you'll be making is a big one. Take your time, think about the options, and when you’ve decided on your ideal home, simply let us know, and from here on in we'll make it very easy for you.

Reserving Your Accommodation

When you have selected your new home, and the terms of the tenancy have been agreed with your new landlord, we will ask you to complete an online Application Form. This will allow us enough information to carry out detailed referencing ensuring that not only is the new home perfect for you, but you are perfect for your new home.

For our student applicants, we will always insist on you having a guarantor. This guarantor needs to be put forward at the immediate stage of application to enable an application to proceed. We may insist that he/she is referenced to ensure their suitability of offering a guarantee.

When it comes to our professional tenants, we look to obtain a credit check, current employment reference, and either a current or previous landlord reference. Also depending on what we receive back we may ask for a guarantor. 

For all applicants we ask for copies of their I.D., Driving Licence, Passport or current student card. 

We also ask at the immediate application stage to reserve a property all online application forms but be fully completed and the full holding fee to be paid in full in one transaction. Once we are satisfied that the tenancy application meets our predefined criteria (normally upto 14 days ) the application will progress to the signing stage. For a successful tenancy application the holding fee then becomes part of the house deposit

Let only and Fully Managed Tenants Benefits

All of our staff are trained in-house and put on external specialized training courses.

We are also members of The Property Ombudsman, The National Approved Letting Scheme and My Deposits.

Also we are covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy which is specific to a Residential Lettings company.

Finally, for our tenants' reassurance, part of our company's policy is to have a tenant complaints procedure in place.

Fully Managed Tenants Benefits

You have the reassurance that we have a prominent shop front and for our fully managed tenants, their own tenants on-line dashboard which holds all of the tenancy related documents in one handy place

An accompanied 'Check-In' to your home and a structured 'Check-Out' along with photos at the end of your tenancy. We will also endeavour to take meter readings at the move in and move out stages.

Not only will this reserve your new home, but this will then allow us to carry out all the necessary checks.

Your Application

If your application has not been successful, then unfortunately we will not allow you to take out a tenancy on the property. This could be for a number of reasons, a bad credit history, your current landlord warning us away from you, not completing fully completing your application and paying over the holding deposit within our set times. Please take care in reading the pre-defined criteria that maps what is required from an applicant to pass before you commence an application with Redbrick Properties. An unsuccessful application will mean losing some or all of the Holding Fee.

If on the other hand your application is successful, we will then contact you and ask you to come into the office for the next stage.

The Tenancy Agreement

Some may refer to this as "the boring bit", but this couldn't be further from the truth. This is the stage where we sit you down and go through every term of the Tenancy Agreement, the legal contract between you and the landlord, ensuring you understand what is expected of us as the agent, what is expected of your new landlord, and what we expect from you, during the term of the tenancy. 

Once you are happy with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, this will then be signed and you will receive a copy for your records. It is also at this stage where we will ask you to pay the deposit on the property.

The Deposit

A deposit will be expected from all tenants once the Tenancy Agreement has been signed. The deposit is an amount of money held by the agent, or in some cases the landlord, as security against any damages caused by the tenant during the term of the tenancy, or against any shortfall of rent at the end of the tenancy.

The good news is that all deposits by law are required to be protected by one of the Deposit Protection Schemes in operation, either by us the agent, or by the landlord. This scheme offers peace of mind that come the end of your tenancy, the return of your deposit will be dealt with in a non-bias fashion, with the mediation of the chosen scheme if required.

From our professional tenants we ask for a maximum of 5 weeks rent, if you are in any doubt click on the link to calculate your deposit 


From our student tenants, we ask for a deposit of £300.00 per person, or the equivalent of a month’s rent if your new home is a one bed property.

Setting Up Rent Payments

As with most tenancies in the UK, rent is always paid in advance, whether paid monthly, or as with our student tenants, quarterly standing orders. By the first day of your new tenancy, the first payment of rent will need to be cleared into our account. This can be paid via a variety of methods including debit cards, bank/internet transfer or cash (i'm afraid we don't accept cheques). If organised early enough, this first payment could also be arranged via a Standing Order Mandate.

All further payments for rent will be made via Standing Order Mandate and in-line payment dates/amounts outlined in the tenancy agreement. Any non authorized change of payment dates is liable for a £30 late/unpaid rent charge. Redbrick Properties will not enforce any Late Fees from property applications from the 1st June 2019 onwards 

Looking for your dream student or professional property? Or landlord listing a property?
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