Is Burley Bouncing Back?

Posted by Matt on 19th February 2016

Is Burley one of the most under-rated areas to live in Leeds? With the arrival of the new Jump Arena Indoor Trampoline Park you could definitely say Burley is bouncing back (sorry).

We've definitely noticed an increased demand for properties in the area, but mention Burley to some house-hunters as a possible location and expect any one of the following responses... 

Burley's Too Far Out!

Really?  Not according to Laurie:

"Moving to Burley was definitely the right choice. After living in Leeds city centre, I was sceptical of moving out and being far away from the shops and nightlife. With a four minute train journey into Leeds and being so close to the shopping park, I've enjoyed having the contrast of living somewhere that feels more homely but still being close to everything you need. The great thing about Burley is its real sense of student community, and it's cheap rent!" 

"Cheap rent?" I hear you say. There are some really fantastic properties located in Burley and at much better value than in neighboring Hyde Park and Headingley. Click here to see for yourself :-)

It's tenants such as Laurie that know what a great location Burley is, and can lay rest to the "Burley's too far out" myth. They know how good the transport links are to the Uni and City Centre, and they know their house in Burley could be almost double the rent if you moved it 5 minutes up the road to Headingley. 

Where Is Burley?

So, just where is Burley? Check it out on Google Maps. The first thing you'll notice is just how big it is. It's so big it has its own Train Station. It's that big that it neighbors Hyde Park, Headingley AND Kirkstall. Did you know that Burley is closer to the University of Leeds than Headingley?

According to Google Maps Burley is only a 15 minutes walk away from The Arc in central Headingley and only 18 minutes walk away from Hyde Park Corner. Surprised?

What's In Burley?

What isn't in Burley, more like. Just ask Emma:

"Don't think there is nothing going on in Burley. You couldn't be further from the truth. I've lived in both Headingley and Hyde Park but chose Burley for my final year. There is more going on here than the other two put together!"

So, we asked Emma to put her money where her mouth is and back up this bold statement, and she's done just that:

  • Nightlife - Yes, nightlife! Did you know Burley hosts the biggest purpose built, multi-million pound event space in the North of England?  Control features 2 arenas across 25,000 square feet with a capacity of 3000 people. 24 hour venue license, 7 bars, the Worlds first LED Geodome®, Function One sonics, LED video walls, mezzanine levels and an outdoor heated Spectrum Terrace.
  • Restaurants - The Corner Cafe on Burley Road is rated 15th out of 1515 best restaurants in Leeds on TripAdvisor! In fact, you're spoiled for choice if you like good curry as you've also got the award winning Sheesh Mahal, as well as Hasan's and the Bengal Brassiere, all within walking distance of each other. Fancy a little tapas and you've got Viva Cuba Tapas Bar & Restaurant on the doorstep. Or maybe a fresh hand made burger at Five Guys? The list of great restaurants in Burley goes on and on, Nando's, Rosie's Diner, Subway, McDonalds, Mylahore Deli, Frankie & Benny's, Pizza Hut, Cafe Enzo, Bella Italia...
  • Bars - Bridgewater Arms and Cardigan Arms are just a couple of the bars you can grab yourself a drink in. The latter even hosts a music venue with great sound, cheap beer at the bar and consistently good bands. There's also a plethora of great restaurants all with a great selection of drinks offering student discounts. 

A quick drive through Burley will reveal there is so much more we have missed off this list. We haven't even mentioned that Burley hosts Vue Cinema, Virgin Active Gym, Hollywood Bowl, Lazer Zone, Goals, its own Golf Course, tennis courts, a huge park etc etc. Feel free to add anything I've missed off in the comments below.

For a full list of our properties to rent in Burley please click here :-)

By Matt

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