Finding the Perfect Student House

Posted by Mark on 13th February 2014

Finding a student house can be a daunting experience, here are some top tips to help you find the perfect pad.

We'll talk about viewings, budgeting, safety and getting the contract right.

  1. Being Nosey isn’t always a bad thing - the people who know the house best are the current tenants, so don’t be afraid to ask them, after all they’ll give you the ins and outs of the house and means if there’s any issues you can get them sorted before you move in. Redbrick Properties have a team of qualified individuals from electricians to plumbers on hand 24/7 to attend to your every need.
  2. Don’t sign if you aren’t sure - getting your tenancy agreement looked at by your Universities Student Union is a must, after all they are the experts and know what they’re looking for. If the letting agent is respectable they will let you take the contact away for 24 hours have the responsibility of not advertising the house in the meantime, this is exactly what Redbrick Properties will allow you to do.
  3. Know where your monies going - most letting agencies charge a sign-up fee, this can range from £50 to £100 but any more then you’re being ripped off. If you aren’t happy paying such a high amount don’t worry, there are more student houses in Leeds than students so you won’t be left without a place.
  4. Viewings - it’s important you actually see the house in the flesh, photos can be deceiving. If you’re signing up as a group then its best everyone sees the house, if it’s not possible at the same time, book multiple viewings as this will save any arguments about who wants which room.
  5. Landlord - there are so many letting agencies out there it can be hard to know where to start. Do your research!! There are some out there who prey on vulnerable students and should be avoided. Just looking at the state of the property will give you an idea as to how good they are at dealing with repairs. Redbrick Properties have a team of qualified on hand 24/7 to deal with any repairs should you need them.
  6. Safety - your wellbeing is of the uttermost importance, a dodgy boiler is a killer. Check your landlord has all the relevant legal documents such as a gas certificate. As well as locks and windows are secure, you don’t want someone just walking in off the street.
  7. Budgeting - it’s a well-known fact students are poor and if you aren’t careful can’t afford your rent. It’s vital you do your sums and make sure you can actually afford the house you sign for, it’s not point brushing it under the carpet and hoping for the best, you’re signing a legal document and there are consequences if you don’t adhere to it. Redbrick Properties are more than happy to talk to you and are there to help you should you have difficulty.
  8. Checklist - whether you’re a list maker or not, most university student unions have a checklist you can print off and use when you go on viewings. If any repairs need doing then get the landlord to confirm in writing when it will be done, that way you know you’re covered.

By Mark

Redbrick Properties over the years has been rewarding in the sense that with the correct vision you can formulate your aspirations, as long as you have an on-going business plan and a dedicated business partner Matt.

Over ten years in as director of Redbrick I’m as passionate as the first day when we picked up keys for our first lease, a first floor office above our good friends, Castlehill Estate Agents.