Landlord News Section Revamped

In February 2015, Redbrick Properties launched its newly designed and much improved website. Unlike many of our competitors not only does the new homepage feature larger, clearer property images, but also an uncluttered design which is easier to navigate, faster and mobile-friendly.

As well as improving the website in general, we've revamped our Landlord News Section - as a place to offer informative, content-rich articles and market insights that will help landlords to gain the most from their portfolio.  As a landlord you will find interesting articles in this section, like the following:

What's more, if you have an account on our website you'll be able join the conversation by commenting on our posts - and also be notified about relevant articles as soon as they are posted, by following the landlord news category - or any other category for that matter!

If you do not have an account with Redbrick Properties, you can signup here - or if you believe you already have an account and can't access it - you can reset your password.

Once you've found a category that interests you, simply login and click 'Follow' and we'll notify you about new posts and comments. But don't worry, we're not going to send you any spam or share your email address with any third parties.

Alternatively, if you're reading a single article and keen to voice your opinion - simply scroll to the bottom of the post and share you comment.

We would love for you to get involved and join the discussion!  In the future we'll be adding more posts, to share our local market insights and provide landlords in Leeds with the information gleaned from over a decade in the lettings market.


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