The Student House Hunting Season Is Officially Here!

The viewing enquiries are flooding in and the phones are ringing off the hook, which can only mean two things, that the student house hunting season is officially here and we're off to a flying start!

We've had a record number of lets for November and December and now it looks like we have smashed January's record also which isn't too surprising as we are currently averaging over 800 users per day on our website.

You can actually check out which properties are receiving the most attention in the Hot Properties section of our website. Hot Properties??? It's basically a Top 10 of the most viewed properties out there at the moment. Worth checking if you like to dabble in a little property porn from time to time (yes, that is an actual phrase!).

So it's busy, busy, busy at Redbrick Properties right now, and still landlords are bringing us some really fantastic properties to add to our list. If you'd like to see what's new at Redbrick Properties check out the links below:

Happy House Hunting :-)


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