We've Just Added Even More Fantastic Student Properties To Our Website

Posted by Matt on 13th January 2016

Xmas is over and New Year's Eve is nothing but a distant headache. And now it's back to business. The business of finding you guys a perfect student house, that is.

And we have loads of them. All different shapes and sizes, with one thing in common, they are all 'sick' (tenants words, not mine). Just check out the images on our website.

So, help us kick off this year as we left last year, with loads and loads of viewings of some incredible properties, whilst finding some fantastic tenants their perfect home for the next academic year. 

Check out the latest additions on our website here:

Happy House Hunting :-)

By Matt

Redbrick Properties was established back in 2002 and since then has gone from strength to strength building up a fine portfolio of residential properties along the way.

We could never be accused of being a faceless agency as both Mark and I still work front-line in the office along side our experienced and capable staff.