We've Some Fantastic Student Summer Deals New On The Market!

To kick start what I believe is to be the Summer of all Summers (don't quote me on that) we have released a few rather fantastic 'Half Summer Rent' and 'No Signing Fee' deals onto the Student market.

These are all cracking properties located in Headingley and Hyde Park, and what is more important is that they all have brilliant landlords, which as you may well know is more important than the house in most cases.

So, feast your eyes on these beauties, and don't be scared to get in contact if you wish to view any of them, it will be worth it.

4 Bed Ash View 

5 Bed Manor Drive

5 Bed Ash Road

5 Bed St Michaels Road

6 Bed Headingley Mount

Happy House Hunting :-)


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